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Precautions for charging lithium battery

Since there are kinds of lithium batteries and battery performance, lithium battery is equipped with a dedicated charger.There are some precautions for charging lithium battery.

Precautions for charging lithium battery

    Since there are kinds of lithium batteries and battery performance,and battery protection board parameters are likely to be different, lithium and lead-acid batteries do not have universal charger.Lithium battery is equipped with a dedicated charger. To protect the lithium battery, use dedicated chargers. If you are a lithium battery expert, knowing the charger's power parameters, then you can choose the charger by yourself.

    The following are the notes of charging lithium battery:

    First, charge and discharge regular to increase battery life.Avoid prolonged storage. Develop the habit that the battery must be charged after the use of battery capacity to 80%. No matter how far you have riden the electric bike, supplement battery capacity fully.Do not recharge the battery until the battery capacity runs out.

    Second, turn off the power when charge the battery in the bike. Do not charge the battery upside down. Charge it once full as far as possible.

    Third, charge the battery each passing month when the battery not in use long.Charge it fully to store and avoid loss of power.
    Fourth,use a dedicated charger,as raw material and lithium battery production process is different , the technical requirements of the charger are not the same.

    Five, you can not use the pick-up voltage driving to prevent serious loss of power. Turn off the power then cycle when the battery is no power.

    Six, do not immediately stop charging when the charging indicator shows full power.Please charge it more 1 to 2 hours.

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