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Management of electric bicycle in the countries

The management of electric bicycle in Australia,the United State and so on. In some countries,the drivers must hold driving licenses,but the others needn't.Many countries are promoting "multi-ride electric bikes."the highest motor output does not exceed 200W.

In Australia, the electric bicycle is defined as "the highest power output does not exceed 200W, maximum speed is unlimited". Meet this standard, vehicles need not be registered, just in accordance with the bike management.The output power of more than 200W electric bike is included in accordance with the scooter management. Vehicles need to be registered. The drivers must hold driving licenses, the same management rules with motorcycles. The drivers need to wear safety helmets.From reducing pollution, reducing the number of accidents as well as health and other factors offered,all around Australia are promoting "multi-ride electric bikes."However, Australia's management of electric bicycles is also very detailed. Such as the provisions bike into bike lanes or pedestrian dense stretch of road,can not open motors. Even lights have carried out detailed provisions, such as the need visibility to 200 meters with a white front light and red rear lights.

United States:Electric bicycles in the U.S. penetration rate is not high, but belongs to a large extent leisure facilities, and less exclusively as travel tools. The main reason is that the United States developed public transport system and a great amount of private car ownership.However, due to the increasingly serious energy situation, the United States in general  encourages people to make more use of electric bicycles.Therefore, federal legislation for the definition of electric bicycles is relatively loose some.According to "electric bicycle Federal Law", the electric bicycle is used with the pedal fully fitted, with a motor power less than 750W as auxiliary power, and a maximum speed of less than 32 km/h for bicycle or tricycle. Electric bicycles belonging to the ordinary bicycles, do not belong.motor vehicles. Despite the provisions included in the ordinary bicycle electric bike range, whether allowed on the road, allow which electric bicycles on the road, what procedures, as well as the age limited, the need for driver's license and other issues are decided by the states. Some states allow it on the road, but provides for strict norms, while some states still ban electric bicycles on the road.

Germany is also the country early development of electric bicycles.Electric bikes are now equipped for the charging stations.Bike paths is increasing. However, in the presence of a variety of convenient measures, in Germany, people riding electric bikes need driving licenses,.They have to strictly observe traffic rules.Each driver must go through at least two days of training to obtain license, such as nocturnal have to drive lights, drink non-cycling, speed 20 kilometers per hour or more are required to wear helmets. In addition, young people under the age of 15 are not eligible for driving licenses. All electric bicycle driver must purchase specific coverage.Not only that, driving an electric bike should be very careful, because traffic rules are very strict. If retrograde, riding on sidewalks, etc., a fine deal is off, and the amount is high.

Multi-country for electric bicycles set up special channels.In other countries, many countries have set up special channels for electric bikes, to avoid a lot of traffic accidents caused by electric bike problems. In California, the road is divided into pieces, cars, bikes and people line. Also the city has chargers, free charging. Including Britain, France and other developed countries, on the sidewalk, there is 1.5 to 2 meters of the channel specifically for electric bicycles and bicycles traffic.

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Electric Bicycle Benefits

There are many benefits of using an electric bicycle.The personal benefits of electric bicycles are,it makes a lot easier to travel hills with just a little effort.E-bikes support a simple lifestyle.

China New Growth Market for Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan – In 2011 bicycle exports from Taiwan to China increased by 145% although the volumes are still small. The bicycle industry in Taiwan directly benefits from the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) as it simplifies the trading between the two countries.