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The laws of electric bike in different countries-Japan and Canada

The laws of electric bike in different countries-Japan and Canada.Japan: speed limited,driving license.Canada: singled out as model.

Japan:speed limited,driving license.Japan is the first country to develop electric bikes . Back in 1994 , Yamaha officially launched the world 's first electric bikes .Through whole 2009, the sales reached 315,000 . So far, the older women are Japan 's largest consumer group of electric bikes .However, in this hometown of electric bikes ,because of the car high penetration and serious problem of an aging society , the electric bike market is not so large .Japanese electric bikes must follow the requirements of " Road Traffic law " for the production and operation.Under the " Road Traffic law" ,the top speed of electric bikes must be less than 24 km/h , and you can’t ride on the expressway.

Driver's license.The driving of pedal-assist electric bike requires no driver's license . However,the driving of power-on-demand only requires driving license,wearing helmets .The bike requires installing vehicle license plate and signal lights .As the traveling speed of the motorcycle is not limited, the speed-limited electric bike loses many young consumers .However, with energy saving awareness , coupled with lower prices ,electric bikes have been gradually accepted by some Japanese housewives . More especially there are many hills in Japan , electric bike can solve the nearest shopping , climbing and carrying heavy goods problems.

Canada: singled out as model.Since 2000 , Canada had defined electric bike as a separate category . Currently, eight Canadian provinces allow the use of electric bikes , seven of which allow the output power up to 500W, the speed not more than 32 km/h. The limit sets in Alberta 35km/h and 750w.
All provinces of riding are required to wear a helmet .For specific types of electric bikes,such as power electric bikes without pedals , you need to have a license and there are age restrictions . In addition, there are age limits for drivers , as in Ontario , aged at least 16 years old . Once discovered less than 16 years old riding on the road, it will be fined maximum of $ 500 Canadian dollars (about 3200 yuan ) .However, some provinces , electric bikes are completely disabled. In New Brunswick , both motorists how to explain their own electric bikes looking like the bike ,they can not get a driving license.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – In 2011 bicycle exports from Taiwan to China increased by 145% although the volumes are still small. The bicycle industry in Taiwan directly benefits from the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) as it simplifies the trading between the two countries.