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electric bike lithium battery tips

For the proper use, maintenance and storage of this battery, it is crucially important that you read and understand the instructions given in this manual.

For the proper use, maintenance and storage of this battery, it is crucially important that you read and understand the instructions given in this manual.

    1. Never short circuit the discharge or charge terminals of the battery.
    2. Never charge the battery by discharge terminals or discharge the battery by charge terminals.
    3. Keep the battery away from excessive heat and open flames. Never put the battery into water.
    4. Never subject the battery to intense physical shock or severe vibration or impact.
    5. Protect the battery from water or other moisture. Protect the discharge and charge terminals of the battery from rain or waterlogging
    6. Keep the battery away from children.
    7. Never disassemble the battery without permission.
    8. We suggest removing the battery from the load and placing it in a safety environment at the temperature range from 15? to 35? when the battery is not in use over ten days.
    9. Use only the special charger supplied by our company. Never use other charger to charge the battery.

If you failed to comply with the instructions and warnings described above, you would be responsible for the deed.
General use instructions

    1. Charge temperature range 15~40?
    2. Over charging is seemly improving the batterys capacity, but it will be danger and shorting life of the battery.
    3. The higher the charging end-voltage, the higher the charging current, the longer the charging time, the more harmer the battery receives;
    4. If there is any abnormal situation such as the battery transforms and bloats, or becomes very hot, please stop charging at once.

Do not connect the battery and the charger to AC for a very long time. 
Do not connect the charger with the AC for a long time unless under the condition of charging. 
The charging environment should be dry, well-ventilated and far away from fire. 
There should be no inflammables in 1.5 meters around the battery when it is under charging. 
Do not charge around inflammable or dangerous things. 
It is better to take out the batteries from containers when charging for abstraction of heat. 
Keep away from children when the charger is working to avoid danger.

    1. Discharge temperature range -20?~55?
    2. Avoid overdischarging. When the voltage of per cell is lower than the limit of cut-off voltage, the battery is under overdischarging condition. Long time of overdischarging will shorten the life of the battery.
    3. Never charge more full and discharge more empty will lengthen the battery life.
    4. Avoid large current or it will affect the battery life.
    5. Accelerate slowly when cycling starting, avoid starting at still, avoid sudden accelerating at start.
    6. Avoid starting at still when running up the slope, it is best to use pedal power when Struggling uphill.?
    7. It is best to cycle human-assisting when running up, climbing or heading up.
    8. Speed up slowly or pedal at low temperature.
    9. Avoid flooding the battery by the rain when cycling, which may cause danger.
    10. When the battery is not in use for an extended period of time , remove the battery from the load for storage to avoid self-discharge by load?Do not lay up the battery when there is no electricity or low voltage.

3 Storage:

  1. Storage conditions for the battery: circumstance temperature 15~35?,circumstance relative humidity:=75%RH.The battery should be kept in storage in a clean, dry and ventilated circumstance, it should be avoided to touch with the corrosive substance and should be away form excessive heat and open flames.
  2. The batteries should be kept with 50% of the capacity , storage time of the battery should not be more than 30 days.
  3. The capacity of the Lithium battery will be decline when storage.
  4. The battery should be charged once every 30 days when storage, every time charged about 2 hours.
The battery should be with fireproofing measures when storage together, there should be safe distance or fireproofing material for isolation.

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