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How to install electric bike kit

How to install electric bike kit.Here are the steps of installation.You can install the electric bike after reading the content.There are 6 steps totally.

Here are the steps of how to install electric bike kit.You can install the electric bike after reading the following steps.
STEP1:Make sure you have a suitable bike before you purchase or install an electric bike kit.Actually, we recommend installing a front hub motor on a bike with steel forks. As an alloy fork may not be able to handle the torque produced by a hub motor, test the fork with a magnet to ensure it's made of steel. Although rear wheel kits are OK on aluminum, front hub motors can easily tear off an alloy fork and cause injury. It's also important to ensure the fork (or frame for rear mounts) is large enough to accommodate the hub motor and axle. All our kits fit a standard 100mm in the front, and 135mm in the rear.
STEP2:Once you've chosen your bike, it's time to remove the wheel.Turn the bike upside-down and let the air out of the tire. Then unhook the brakes to remove the wheel from the forks (or frame for rear mounts). If your kit does not include a tire and inner tube, remove them from the old wheel and install them on your new e-bike rim.Make sure the tire is fine.
STEP3:Install the wheel and sensor.Make sure it fits correctly. To ensure the wheel rotates in the right direction, see the detailed instructions that came with your kit. For the electric bike Kits and Amped conversion kits, the wires should exit on the right hand side of the bike. Make sure you secure the bolts tightly. If you apply power and the axle is not secured tightly, the motor will try to turn inside the dropouts, permanently damaging the wires connecting the motor. Double check and triple check that the bolts are tight! Inflate the tire and adjust the brakes.Remove the crank with gears and middle axle.Install the sensor and magnetic disk.Keep the distance between sensor and magnetic disk with 5mm.Well,you can flip the bike back over now.
STEP4:Install the throttle and brake handles.Firstly,you remove the old brake handles and install the new ones.Then,install the throttle on the right handle bar.Finally,install the handle bar ends.
STEP5:Run the wires and hook the electronic.Connect the wires.All the wires are color coded to make the process simple and many components have special fittings.Plug the controller into the controller box,then close the box cover.
STEP6:Finally, make sure the brakes are adjusted, gears are tuned and everything is ready to go. That's it! Now you're ready to ride. Be careful and take it slow until you get the feeling. Ride for a few miles and then come back to check everything over. Give the bolts a good tightening one more time. You should check all the components often to make sure all connections are secure, especially near the hub and at the motor.

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