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How brushless motor of electric bike works

The details about electric bike how brushless motors work.There is no connection between any of the parts inside the motor.How does the brushless motor work?

Nowadays,most electric bikes use "brushless" hub motors, as brushless motors require almost no maintenance and last much longer than "brushed" hub motors. Here are the details about electric bike how brushless motors work.
With a brushless motor, there is no connection between any of the
parts inside the motor. The end result is a motor with no theoretical life limit. Brushless motors have more sophisticated controllers than brushed motors, and there are many more connections from the motor to the controller. The motor has three sets of windings. Power is applied to individual set of windings depending on where the motor is in its revolution. As the motor passes the windings, the controller moves the power to the next set of windings to keep the motor turning right along.electric bike motor

The exploding picture of brushless motor

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