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Electric Bikes VS Pedelecs

Pedelec means using the pedals, Motor is only activated while pedaling. It feels like cycling with "tail wind". It makes people rider bike more easily and consume less human energy

Electric bike, pedelec, e-bike, power-assist-bike,What do they mean? Many people do not understand pedal-assist, pedal-activated, pedelec, or pedal-powered these words well.
pedelec bikes and e-bike (electric bikes) are in two different vehicle categories. Since the introduction of the term pedelec in February 1999, more and more people - manufacturers, dealers, are naturally speaking of pedelec bikes. They are well aware that they are talking about vehicles that support the rider with electric power only while he is pedaling.
Pedelec does not mean cycles that can be ridden by pure electric energy such as e-bike using a handlebar throttle.
The small, but important, difference is this:
  • Pedelec means using the pedals, Motor is only activated while pedaling. It feels like cycling with "tail wind". It makes people rider bike more easily and consume less human energy
  • E-Bike usually means using throttle, Motor can be activated by turning a handlebar throttle. It is possible to cycle without pedaling.
The growing acceptance of pedelec as a term is, of course, related to the growing marked numbers of pedelec bikes as products. According to the market report by Frank Jamerson in 1998 360.000 human-electric cycles were sold, in 1999 420.000 samples and for the year 2000 he estimates 650.000 samples sold worldwide. Hannes Neupert, Chaiman of ExtraEnergy estimates that in 1999 255.000 samples of the mentioned number were pedelecs, including 55.000 in Europe.
Nevertheless, now Electric bike (or e-bike as abbreviation) is still used as generic term for pedelecs and e-bikes.
Just as our electric bikes, it contains pure electric powered by using throttle, and it also contain 1:1 speed sensor assistance when pedaling by people which can named pedelec.

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