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Electric Bicycle Product Catalog

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All electric bike

All electric bike models category show you all FREY electric bike models currently. Include city style, folding mini style, mountain style electric bikes. According to the wheel sizes, there are 20”,26” and 700C. According to the position of battery, there are models with battery hidden in frame, models with battery in rear rack, models with tube battery in middle of bike body; according to motor type, there are front hub motor, back hub motor and central motor equipped in the axle. At present, FREY has 7 models with European EN15194 certificate from SGS. Every model, we have different configuration versions for choice, such as: Economic version (with high competitive price), Comfort version (FREY popular configuration), and Luxury version(with higher configuration). And we can customize electric bike according to detailed requirements from customers. We always keep to improve quality and service to keep in front of electric bike industry.

City electric bikes

Electric city bike/urban bike is FREY designed for relatively flat urban road riding. It often used as a commuter bike in urban. The sales volume is bigger than other mountain and mini models, and it is most common on city road. FREY electric city bikes usually feature with 26 inch or 700C wheel size, a more upright seating position, full size fenders for use in rainy road condition, and often equipped with suspension fork for comfortable riding, equipped with front and rear lights for use in dark.

Electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bike is a type of electric bike FREY designed specifically for off-road cycling (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel road), Because of its rugged, rough, novel appearance, and superior riding performance, soon recognized by the market. FREY electric Mountain bike not only have mountain bike superior performance , and also equipped with a high-performance motor, battery, power control system, these are what ordinary mountain bike can’t compare. And many accessories use high-end design. Solid and strong frame of electric mountain bike, straight or low handlebar, front and rear shock absorption to absorb the impact, wide and uneven tires provide more grip, and equipped with sport fender to make riding full of fun.

Folding electric bikes

Electric folding bike is designed to fold into a compact form, for convenient carrying and storage. When folded, light and mini bike body can be easy to put in car trunk. Or put in a bag to carry into workplaces or on public transportation, foldable electric bike has advantage which other models do not have. Most of FREY electric folding bikes match with 20” small wheels. With quick release folder in the middle of bike frame, and with foldable handle stem and foldable pedals. And FREY has some mountain bike model with 26” wheels which can also be folded.

Cheap electric bikes

Under ensure performance and quality sufficiently reliable case, FREY provide economic version of various electric bike models customization. We can adjust some electric bike accessories or material according to your market positioning and requirements to enhance your price advantage in the market competition. Economic version electric bikes have incomparable price advantage compare with comfort and luxury version. Same appearance, but maybe a little difference in the weight. With increasingly fierce competition in the market, economic cheap electric bike can quickly increase your sales and expand your market share. Certainly, if you are interested, we suggest you can purchase some economic sample bike to check and evaluate.

Electric bike conversion kits

If you intend to assemble or convert electric bikes as your business for wholesale or distribute, Frey can provide a variety of electric bike conversion kits program for your choice. Every electric bike conversion program should be carried out with rigorous testing and matching. Based on your customers' requirements for electric bikes, you can choose different motor / lithium battery / charger / controller / sensor / brake lever / throttle to match, such as programs to achieve near-perfect results. The modified bicycles can reach a smooth perfect riding effect which can not imagine before conversion.