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Welcome you to learn how to cooperate with Frey!

As an electric bike reseller, distributor, wholesaler or importer, do you know how to find out a good supplier?

Do you know how to purchase electric bikes from China with reliable quality and service?

Do you know how to make your electric bike business better and better?

Below are some common FQAs and related topics, to help you import FREY electric bikes and start your business with lowering risk!

  1. How about our product quality?

    FREY dedicated electric bike development, manufacturer and export, after several years, our electric bikes are 100% exported to Europe, America and Australia around 20 countries and regions. Comparing with some European and American manufacturers, we have a higher perform-cost ratio and service advantage. After years of development, we have developed a mature and reliable supply system. And we have a set of strict quality control system throughout the entire process, from the accessories quality test to finished product test. We promise every bike leaves from our factory is perfect!

  2. How does our after-sale operate?

    We guarantee our quality and service by providing warranty for the main parts which used on our electric bikes, details as below:

    • Frame: 3 years
    • Battery: 24 months
    • Motor: 24 months
    • Charger: 12 months
    • Controller: 12 months
    • Throttle: 12 months
    • Brakes: 6 months

    Note: Warranty is limited on the original purchaser. Wearing parts, accident bike, improper use, improper assembly/modification, use non-original FREY parts, all the above not include in our warranty. Warranty valid from the date when electric bike leave from our company.

  3. How to evaluate FREY company and the offer?

    As you known, commodity price depend on the material, production and service cost. And also depend on the commodity quantity, as different quantity will also bring out different production and delivery cost for each unit. Basically, offer depend on electric bike configuration, quantity and the quality of product and service. Only to see the price is meaningless. To clients, product quality is the base, support and service is the key.

  4. About customization

    We usually offer a European standard configuration for our electric bikes, so that clients can customize their bikes on the base of our common configuration. Such as 36V/10AH Lithium battery, 36V/250W brushless hub motor etc.

    But as we known, different markets have very different requirements and demands. Some ask for a higher power motor, some want a bigger capacity battery in order to get a longer range per charge. Some want a different shape of handlebar or different display panel etc. So offering customization service special for different market and different consumer group is very necessary to you. The basic point is the bike color customization for you. We can do all kinds of colors painting for the bike frame. Popular colors are white, black, silver, grey, blue, red and yellow, similar as the offen seen car painting color.

    In quantity order, all details will be done exactly as the sample bike or the order will be produced strictly according to the order requirements. Customization service can satisfy your individual needs, and it is very helpful to win the market.

  5. About trademark

    Firstly, you are very welcome to distribute our electric bikes! You can use our trademark "FREY", or be blank without any logo on bike. without logo on electric bikes is very common to our importers. If you want to use your own trademark to develop your electric bike business, it is also welcome, we can do OEM production service for you. But it should be bulk order, and please provide us your trademark certification and authorization.

  6. How to start?

    To new entrants, whether you have done below preparation:

    • Market research

      Before you prepare to do electric bike business, collect relevant market information is a necessary job. Below are some questions for your reference. Such as:

      • How many resellers or distributors in your local market?
      • If there are some ones, what types of electric bikes are they selling?
      • How is the selling?
      • What are the major consumer groups?
      • What are your advantages?
      • what's your market position?
    • Model to choose

      After market research and make up your own business plan, we suggest to choose 3-4 models at most, don't be too many and too mess.

    • Configuration requirements

      According to your local market position, regulation, terrain, expected consumer group, make decision on suitable colors and detailed configuration for your electric bikes.

    • Quantity

      According to your capital and market condition, you can start by small quality not full container, such as, 20-50pcs, specific number can depend on your detailed condition.

    • Site selection

      Whether you are wholesaler or an online retailer or any other form started, a warehouse, store, showroom or a service point is very necessary to your long term business development.

    • Staffing

      One technician who knows how to maintain and repair electric bikes is required.

    • Our support

      We can share with you some experiences of other customers how they start and develop their electric bike business, if it is necessary to you. Any request, welcome to contact us, we will response you within 24 hours!

  7. About sample?

    If you do not have factory tour plan in short term, and you are not sure about the product quality and the reliability of FREY company. Sample bike purchasing in advance before bulk order is a wise practice, this is advice FREY to you.

    About sample delivery term, we usually suggest go by air. Sample go by sea will cost very long time (around 30days on sea to European destinations) , and the cost by sea for 1-3pcs electric bikes is not lower than 1 bike go by air, most import point, it will seriously impact on your sales opportunities.

    Because frey in with them is such a little bit growing up of. In this heartfelt thanks and FREY grow with the customers.

  8. Payment term

    Sample order and order less than 10pcs, 100% T/T in advance.

    Bulk order, 30% deposit in advance, balance after the order finished.

  9. Delivery price term

    Terms for choice: FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.

    • FOB(Free On Board): Cost of delivery on board.
    • CFR(Cost+Freight): FOB+Freight.
    • CIF(Cost+Insurance+Freight): FOB+shippingInsurance+Freight.
    • DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid): Cost of delivery to your hands, Duty not included.

    If you don't know how to import, DDU is a good choice. This term makes it very simple to you, even you no need to know the detailed import process.

  10. Order process

    • Confirm model and quantity
    • Confirm specific configuration
    • Conclude and sign Proforma Invoice
    • Deposit or full payment
    • Order real-time tracking(FREY first)
    • Order arrangement
    • Production, quality check and packaging
    • Balance payment before delivery(bulk order)
    • Order logistics
    • Receipt of goods and evaluation
  11. Order tracking

    In order to give every customer a reliable and intuitive track on their production of electric bikes, we developed a real-time order tracking system, it is online now.

    You just enter your order number in the upper right corner input box on our website page, or ask the special tracking link for your order from our staff, you can also visit the special site: to track your order process by yourself.

    Later, this system will have more functions to serve every one of our customers.

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